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Who are we?


We are an independent financial analysis firm founded by professionals specialized in different markets led by Eduardo Bolinches. We are dedicated to the development and distribution of accurate, reliable, and independent analysis related to financial markets.

Since our inception in 2000 our main goal has been and continues to be a position of independence as far as the preparation of financial analysis is concerned. We try to identify primary trends as early as possible, whether bullish or bearish and whose path will reflect the behavior of markets in the coming years. We do not care if our position is short or long term, what interests us is how it has come to that conclusion. Once we identify a primary tendency, we want our customers to take their initial positions as close as possible to start and then enjoy the journey. This means that our comments are not going to be used for speculation in the markets over the very short term but over time. Occasionally we can identify and include in our analysis a more short-term scenario.

From Bolsacash.com have a dual mission on the one hand make impartial analysis of the market for internal use and that of our clients, whether institutional, professional or investors who require such information to realize their investments and on the other hand, we have yet another purpose most ambitious is that these tests along with the training that we offer, get to bring financial literacy at every level.

Finally, we believe you need to know that we base our analysis on a collection of Gann, Fibonacci, monitoring of monthly and weekly charts and the Dow Theory. The latter being that in our opinion, embodies the consequences of what prevails in the markets.

In 2007, when the bullish euphoria reached unprecedented levels, decided to share our comments, so far used internally, with our customers. We started to focus our attention on markets for the first time in over four years beginning to show the first signs of exhaustion. So every day we issued comments that allow the reader to know and understand our thoughts and the way in which we have reached a certain conclusion. The daily comments allow follow the evolution of the markets and our opinion about them.

In summary, we present our thoughts and reasons in simple language because it is essentially that each and every one of you can understand.